Fully Tooled Custom Leather Pencil Case.

What is the worlds most expensive pencil case? Who knows, but one might imagine it might be beautiful leather case, which has been fully tooled, and hand crafted.

If I had to put a number on the time this particular case tool to make, I would guess it’s near 15 hours. When you take a look at [Amazon](amazon.com “Amazon”) for leather pencil cases you’re going to see them range from $10 to $20. Now through in a semi-skilled artisan times 15 hours of labor and you’re going to come up with a fairly pricy pencil case. Who’s going to pony up 4 figures for a pencil case? Only the most discriminating pencil aficionado is going to take something like this seriously.

## With practice comes improvement.
The real purpose of putting this case together was to practice the various techniques of ‘leather case making’ and work towards improving my tooling. Both of which have a considerable ways to go. Sorting out all the facets of building the zippered gusset are critical to future growth in case making.

Being able to accurately determine how long the zipper need be, and also the correct length and width of the gusset are far from obvious.

Over the coming months I will be posting build alongs as I delve deeper into the various aspects of case making.

10 stitches per inch.

10 stitches per inch.

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